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Designer Luggage Sets for Women: Our Top 10 Stylish Picks

Looking for the perfect women’s designer luggage set for your next trip? We’ve rounded up all of our favorites in one place!

It’s always a great idea to invest in quality luggage, whether you travel frequently or just every now and then. You’re counting on these pieces to carry your valuables and the last thing you want is a faulty zipper, poor stitching, or flimsy hardshell.

Every luggage set that made this list was not only chosen for its style, but also for its high-quality build. This is important, as there is a sea of poorly constructed options in the market being passed off as “designer” in name only. You should never settle for cheap materials and cheap construction if you’re going to pay designer prices.

And even though these are all considered to be designer sets, there’s really something here for almost every price range and style preference.

#1 Ted Baker Beau

Ted Baker Beau Designer Luggage Set for Women

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Our first pick strikes a great balance between having a stylish designer look and maintaining practical performance. Ted Baker’s Beau line is, in our opinion, one of the best looking women’s designer luggage sets we’ve seen in years. It’s a great choice for ladies who have been longing for a luggage set with a more feminine style.

This set also has an optional added bonus in the form of a small vanity case. The case matches the larger bags and is perfect for your small personal items. It even comes with a shoulder strap to carry it around on its own. It’s great for carrying things like travel pillows (like one our 10 favorite travel pillows) and other essential travel gear.

Style & Colors

The first thing you’ll notice about the Beau is that the outer hardside shell is covered in an embossed bow pattern. It looks really good and is a somewhat minimalist way of adding some extra flair. The extra rose gold bow emblem at the top ties it all in nicely.

Color variety is great with the Beau and includes black, grey, pink, and white. This is definitely one of those sets that looks totally different depending on the color you choose. On one end, the black color scheme strikes a more minimal, refined tone. On the other, the pink color scheme really makes the whole thing pop.

Every color scheme comes with the same beautiful rose gold hardware. It looks equally good with everything and adds just the right amount of flash.

Inside, the lining features a very cute bow print. It looks great and is the kind of extra touch you expect when you buy these kinds of designer pieces.


Ted Baker’s whole Beau lineup gets very high marks for performing just as well as it looks. With such a beautiful presentation, it could have been tempting for TB to call it in in regard to construction. We’ve seen it happen plenty of times where a normally prestigious designer skimps on the quality of a secondary item like luggage. Thankfully, that’s not the case at all with the Beau.

The hardside shell is made from a sturdy Makrolon polycarbonate. This material is extremely durable and shock resistant. It is also very lightweight for being so tough. High-quality polycarbonate is nearly unbreakable- perfect for luggage that will regularly find itself under plenty of pressure.

The metal trolley system is made from what Ted Baker refers to as a “state-of-the-art aircraft aluminum”. All you really need to know is that it feels very solid and works well. The handle moves up and down easily and the 360 degree wheels are smooth.

A nice bonus feature, all of the bags (except for the small vanity case) come equipped with built-in TSA approved combination locks. This is an underrated feature, especially on high-end designer luggage.

#2 Bric’s Bellagio

The Bric's Bellagio Designer Luggage Set

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Bric’s Bellagio set is one of our favorite luxury luggage lines of all time. The Bellagio blends a timeless aesthetic with outstanding build quality to make a perfect suitcase for those who want something that stands out.

Bric’s has been making luxury luggage in Northern Italy since 1952 and the brand has become famous over the years for its level of craftsmanship and style. Their luggage (the Bellagio, especially) is known for being a favorite of Hollywood celebrities and other stylish travelers.

Style & Colors

The Bellagio line of luggage is a nod to the vintage steamer trunks you’d find back in the Golden Age of Travel. Bric’s described it best themselves when they said that the Bellagio was designed “with an appreciation for nostalgia”.

The outer shell comes in quite a few colors with the Cream as arguably the most iconic of the bunch. This set looks wonderful in all colors though, light and dark. Our favorites are the Cream, Blue, and Black. Rich Tuscan leather accents complete the luxury look and feel of the pieces.


You may think it difficult for a suitcase this elegant to be practical and durable, but you can rest assured that this set is almost as tough as it is pretty.

The outer shell is built out of a high-performance Makrolon polycarbonate. It’s almost unbreakable, it’s extremely abrasion-resistant, and it’s very light. You can stack other luggage on it and smack it around quite a bit without worry.

The handle mechanism is great on the Bellagio. You can lock it at any height. High-end Hinomoto wheels, water-resistant zippers, a built-in TSA-approved lock, and a handy clothes hanger bracket round out the impressive set of features.

#3 Kenneth Cole Reaction Mechanizer

Kenneth Cole Mechanizer Luggage Set

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The Kenneth Cole Mechanizer set is a great performer with a sleek look. The design is modern and comes in three really nice colors.

We’ve personally gotten a lot of use out of Kenneth Cole luggage over the last few years and the Mechanizer set is a worthy addition to the line. The set’s flexible shell design is a unique change of pace from traditional hardside construction.

Style & Colors

The first thing you’ll notice on this set is the big “Kenneth Cole Reaction” logo embossed on the face of each piece. Normally, we’d prefer not to have such gigantic branding, but it looks really good on this set. That’s mostly due to the uniform color on the ribbed hardshell. It stands out, but it’s not too much.

You’ve got three color options with the Mechanizer set: Magenta, Teal, and Pewter. The Magenta and Teal are really snappy and really make the pieces pop. The Pewter is a charcoal black/grey color and is excellent for a more understated, professional look.


The biggest difference between the Kenneth Cole Mechanizer and other hardside sets on this list is the rigidity of the shell itself. Rather than a totally rigid shell, the Mechanizer’s shell is relatively flexible. You could mistake it for flimsy if you haven’t encountered this style of shell before, but it definitely is not. It’s designed this way to cut weight while remaining durable. Also, it’s easier to fit it into tight spots compared to truly hard shells.

The zippers are sturdy, the wheels are smooth, and the rest of the hardware is solid as well. The extra corner guards are a nice touch and help protect the most vulnerable parts of the case.

#4 Delsey Chatelet

Delsey Chatelet Luggage Set

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The Chatelet line does a great job showcasing Delsey’s penchant for good design. This set has a classic look with faux leather accents that add an elegance to the textured hardside shell.

Delsey is widely known for making stylish, high-quality luggage. Founded in 1946, the brand started out making leather camera cases. Fast forward to the modern day and they are a well-known producer of durable luggage at a reasonable cost.

Style & Colors

It’s almost always a guarantee that Delsey will luggage will look good, but the Chatelet set really knocks it out the park.

The outer hardshell is textured in a way that almost makes it look soft. Its curved edges and corners give it a refined look. The faux leather accents look outstanding and really set it all off.

This set comes in both a light and dark color scheme. The “Chocolate” color is a dark brown/black. The “Champagne” color is a shade of white. One of the most impressive things about the Chatelet is that the white option does a great job of staying clean. This isn’t always true and we wouldn’t always recommend such a light color on any luggage that is designed to take some abuse. The Chatelet is a strong exception.

The interior features a bright red lining. It looks great both with the lighter and darker exterior color schemes.


As we already mentioned above, one of the things that impresses us most about the Chatelet is its ability to stay clean. Even the white color option does a surprisingly great job at this.

The outer shell is made of a highly durable virgin Makrolon polycarbonate. It’s virtually unbreakable and is resistant to all but the most intense abrasions. Dents and scuffs are definitely minimal.

Delsey also does a good job with wheels and the Chatelet is no exception. These are some of the smoothest, satisfying wheels we’ve encountered. The spinner wheels on this set are also equipped with a brake system, keeping your bags from running away when you’re on an incline.

Other standout features include a plethora of handy pockets (where we keep our favorite travel socks) and compartments and a recessed TSA-friendly combination lock.

#5 Steve Madden Soft Side

Steve Madden Softside Luggage Set

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Steve Madden Soft Side luggage is our first entry that doesn’t feature a hardside shell. Don’t worry- it’s still plenty durable and the soft construction makes it easier to jam into tight spaces.

It goes without saying that Steve Madden is a designer name that needs no introduction. The brand is famous for their shoes, bags, and other accessories. Just like their many other products, Steve Madden luggage offers quality at a mid-range price.

Style & Colors

The Soft Side luggage set has a classic design that will appeal to a broad range of travelers. The solid fabric is accented nicely by leather accents, including decorative tassels on the zippers.

Finding a color you like won’t be a problem with this set. Black, grey, blue, purple- you’ve got a lot of options. The darker color options are particularly nice on this set and keep the luggage neutral but still easily distinguishable on a luggage belt.


Dollar for dollar, this is set is a great buy. The fabric is durable, the zippers are strong, and the wheels are good. Trading a hard shell for soft fabric has its upsides, like ease of storage and a fairly low weight.

Pockets and storage compartments are well-placed on this set. We especially like how all of the bags have the same pocket setup on the very front of the bag.

#6 Rimowa

Rimowa Private Jet Collection Luggage

Link to Rimowa Private Jet Suitcase on Amazon

We intended to choose a specific set, but we truly love all of Rimowa’s luggage. Most of their lines are fairly similar in appearance and they are all top-notch in quality. If you’re looking for some of the sturdiest, highest-quality suitcases on the market, Rimowa is a great place to start.

#7 Hartmann Herringbone Luxe

Hartmann Herringbone Luxe Luggage

Link to Hartmann Herringbone Luxe Carry On on Amazon

Savvy travelers are likely already familiar with Hartmann as a maker of reliably good luggage. The Herringbone Luxe is one of their most appealing sets. It features a durable soft fabric construction and comes in a few sizes. Maybe the best thing about this set is that you can also get a matching duffle or shoulder bag.

#8 Tumi Latitude

Tumi Latitude Luggage

Link to Tumi Latitude Large Suitcase

Tumi is one of the most well-known and well-liked names in the luggage industry. For good reason too- they do a great job. The Latitude collection is one of our favorites for its near perfect build quality and performance with a dash of added style.

#9 Kenneth Cole Reaction South Street

Kenneth Cole South Street Luggage

Link to Kenneth Cole Reaction Full 3pc Set

Kenneth Cole’s South Street set is a bit more affordable the Mechanizer set we mentioned earlier in this list. This set is durable, flexible, and lightweight. It travels easy and it has just enough character to make it stand out a bit.

#10 Aimee Kestenberg Geo Chic

Aimee Kestenberg Geo Chic Luggage

Link to Aimee Kestenberg Full 3pc Set

The Geo Chic set by Aimee Kestenberg is an inexpensive set that has a lot of style. It features large geometric shapes embossed on the hard shell that really stand out. Even though this set’s durability can’t compete with some of the higher priced options on this list, it’s a snazzy looking set for the money.

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