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Colorado in March: Everything You Need to Know

Considering a trip to Colorado in March and need to know the in’s-and-outs of the month? We’ve got you covered!

March in Colorado is the last part of peak ski season. The snow conditions are still powdery and packed in on the mountain, accompanied by Colorado’s renowned “Blue Bird” days. March is a busy and expensive month for traveling in Colorado, but worth the price for great weather and snow conditions.

March combines Spring Break for most schools around the country and peak ski season in Colorado, making traveling fairly busy this month, but totally worth it.

Not only will your ski trip be comfortable and casual, there will also be tons of activities and adventures to enjoy on a trip to Colorado in March.

Whether you’re planning a family trip for all ages to enjoy, a couples vacation or a friends ski trip, you can be confident that March is a fantastic month to visit Colorado.

We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know for a trip during this busy Winter-into-Spring season.

This article is part of Roundtript’s series of expert Colorado travel guides for every month of the year.

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Colorado Weather in March

Colorado March Weather
Fort Collins / marekuliasz / Shutterstock

Colorado weather in March is not too terribly different from the wintery conditions you’ll see in late February as far as the ski towns goes. However, snowmelt will begin to happen in the lower parts of the valleys and lower altitude cities. Snow covers every mountain at this point, but roadways and walkway snows may start to fade away. The air is cool and dry and there are mostly sunny days around the entire state this month.

The average daily highs will be around the mid 50’s°F (10°C) in most parts of the state and average lows will in the low 30’s°F (-1°C). However, it’s not unlikely that you’ll see a few colder days slip in depending on the weather that year. Some days, especially in higher altitude regions, will see lows closer to the high teens, around 18°F (-7°C) more often.

No matter the time of year, altitude will always be a factor when traveling to Colorado. Some towns like Alma have an elevation of 10,300′ and others like Wray have an elevation of over 3,000′. As a matter of fact, altitude sickness affects nearly 10% of all visitors. You can prepare your body by eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well, resting frequently and avoiding alcohol.

Colorado Snow & Skiing in March

Aspen / David A Litman / Shutterstock

Snow conditions in March are excellent in most ski areas, especially the north-facing mountains, which the below resorts have plenty of. The temperatures are beginning to rise, especially in late March, so snowmelt is common in lower altitude areas, but for the most part all ski runs and mountains will still be packed with great powdery snow.

Snowstorms actually roll in pretty regularly in March, with most cities reporting March as there highest snowfall month of the year. So fresh powder on top of the existing snow pack layers will make ski conditions wonderful this time of year. Pair that with the rising temperatures and you have a very comfortable ski day planned.

While powder will be available, there will be some runs or certain areas and towns that have more slush than powder. However, Colorado’s mountains rarely have hard ice sheets despite the snowmelt. Slopes could be crowded in areas at certain points, mostly due to the Spring Breakers and those trying to get the last bit out of peak ski season.

Colorado Affordability & Crowds in March

Colorado Crowds in March
Steamboat Springs / Gunther Allen / Shutterstock

Colorado in March will see higher numbers of visitors this month, mostly due to Spring Break and the last bit of peak ski season. While traveling here may require a decent amount of early planning, the slopes and the cities won’t feel extremely packed, though you may experience longer waits for restaurants and lift lines.

Early March tends to be busier in most places, while late March will see crowds drop off a bit for the Spring. This is the last month of Winter that has great snow conditions, so it will also mark the last month before hotel and travel rates trend downward for the slow season. You won’t be saving a lot of money with a trip in March, but you’ll certainly be in for great skiing and mild temps for outdoor recreation.

Hotel rates will vary by city, with most ski towns seeing some of the highest rates of the season, small towns being the cheapest and the capitol city of Denver averaging around $200 – $300 per night for the best hotels. Booking hotels, restaurant reservations, excursions and tours will require early planning and airfare will most likely be higher this time of year.

Best Colorado Ski Resorts in March

Telluride March Ski
Telluride / Melissa Farfan / Shutterstock


Telluride is consistently ranked the No. 1 Ski Resort in North America and that’s no surprise, given the excellent snow conditions. March is sure to be busy, but you can spread out over more than 2,000 skiable acres, with a vast terrain that features a mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced areas. The summit at Telluride reaches 13,150′ elevation. 

Telluride is just what you’d expect from a famous ski destination in the Rockies – with bowls, chutes, cliffs, and glades. The resort is well known for its varied expert terrain, from double blacks to chutes – and if you want “hike-to terrains”, they are accessed by metal stairs and rails. Don’t miss out on apres ski at one of their on-mountain restaurants.

Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain Ski Resort Main Base
RodClementPhotography / Shutterstock

Copper Mountain is not as well-known or all-inclusive as the other resorts previously listed, but it’s a great one to consider for families to enjoy together. It’s got a lot of naturally divided terrain that allows skiers of all ability levels to feel comfortable on the mountain with many designated runs for each type. It’s equipped with 2,500 acres of skiable terrain with a summit elevation of 12,315′.

Aside from skiing, Copper Mountain also has great outdoor activities with guided tours. One of the best is their snowshoeing program which is free to the public during the ski season. The multiple base areas also have many different types of accommodations, making a ski vacation on a budget very possible with this resort. Plus, it’s only 1.5 hours away from Denver.

Beaver Creek

Jweller / Shutterstock

Beaver Creek is one of the most luxurious ski resorts, built for vacationers who love to ski but enjoy loads of entertainment, dining experiences and other excursions throughout their trip. March is a great time to go for great ski conditions, as well as bustling crowds and attractions. Plus, you can easily drive a short distance to Vail just down the road.

It’s got 1,815 skiable acres with a summit elevation of 11,440′. There are also plenty of ski-in/ski-out homes and base camp hotels to choose from. Beaver Creek Ski Resort is equipped with four different village areas with their own lodging, restaurants and shopping districts, giving visitors lots of options for a stellar ski vacation.


Margaret.Wiktor / Shutterstock

Vail is extremely close to Beaver Creek, but even more charming and luxurious than the latter. It draws thousands from all over the world to it’s beautiful slopes each year and March is part of peak season. Skiers will enjoy terrain reaching to the 11,250′ summit and expanding over 5,000 acres of mountain.

Vail is one of the best places for both skiers and non-skiers to enjoy together. Skiers will love the various terrain that accommodates all levels, as well as the 7 miles of back bowls to explore. Non-skiers will appreciate the two main base areas with heated walkways, excellent shopping and dining options, along with beautiful luxury resort accommodations.

Winter Park

Winter Park Ski Resort is beloved by Coloradans and considered one of the most family-friendly ski resorts in the state. It’s known for being a haven for locals, but visitors will enjoy the remote and intimate setting just as much as the residents. Winter Park has over 3,000 skiable acres with a summit elevation of 12,060′.

All ability levels will enjoy the varied slopes and terrain, including tree runs, moguls and obstacles, alpine bowls and an extensive trail system. The Winter Park town itself is quite secluded and very casual, perfect for families with young kids who want to have some adventures together. The resort not only offers world-class downhill skiing, but also has tubing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.


Breckenridge Ski Resort boasts one of Colorado’s biggest ski areas with 2,908 acres of skiable terrain, a summit elevation of 12,998′, and the longest run at 3.5 miles long (most resorts have 2 mile long runs). There are suitable runs for all levels of skiers, including a 3,398 vertical drop, a 22′ superpipe and 187 different trails to experience. It’s regarded as one of the best all-around ski towns for it’s excellent slopes and great entertainment value.

March is a great time to go for snow conditions, but keep in mind that Breckenridge is one of the most visited ski resorts in the state. With 11 on-mountain restaurants to choose from, the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster and over 150 boutiques in the shopping area, there’s plenty of entertainment to fuel your vacation. 


Aspen is another popular destination in March. It’s 5,300 acres of skiable terrain with an elevation of 12,510′. The skiing acres span between several mountains, including Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain and Aspen Highlands, giving all abilities many slope choices.

Aspen Mountain is the ideal location for experts, offering black diamond runs just above the resort. Families with young kids and novice skiers will want to stick to Snowmass for easier terrain. All these different skiing experiences are included under one lift pass. Visitors love it’s impeccable nightlife atmosphere after a full day skiing, as well as the varied accommodations at two high-class resorts.


Steamboat Resort is another family-friendly town with loads of things to do. March will be busy, but you can expect some great snowpack and daily snowfall on nearly 3,000 acres of skiable terrain. Everyone of all levels can enjoy the smooth terrain, while experts can take off on the moguls, jumps and steep runs throughout the resort.

Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek Ski Resort is recommended for expert skiers who just want to shred. It’s located between Pagosa Springs and South Fork, CO and has some of the highest snowfall stats in the state on an annual basis.

It comes with 1,600 acres of skiable terrain and a summit elevation of 11,904′. Wolf Creek has multiple runs with varying terrain, including steep and rocky glades, and a limited access set of runs for experts only.

Crested Butte

Crested Butte is another off the radar town for avid skiers. The main town is three miles from the ski resort and has some fun activities and great recreation in February. It’s a great location to consider for a quick trip or casual vacation where skiing is the main goal.

The mountain features rocky cliffs, steep terrain, bowls and glades. Crested Butte will also hold freestyle championships and expert skiers will get their thrills on North America’s most advanced inbound terrain.

Best Things to Do in Colorado in March

Below are some of the best places to visit in the month of March. In addition to these places, other Winter activities available this time of year include cross-country skiing, dogsledding, horseback riding, ice climbing, ice fishing, ice skating, sledding, sleigh rides, sight-seeing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, spa retreats and tubing.

Visit Telluride

Visit Telluride

Telluride is one of the most iconic and idyllic ski destinations that Colorado has to offer, beautifully situated in the San Juan Mountains. Aside from excellent downhill skiing, other winter activities available this time of year include backcountry skiing, nordic skiing and HeliSkiing. The area also has a number of great ice climbing locations like Bridal Veil Falls, Bear Creek and Cornet Creek Falls. Early March may be busier due to Spring Break, but later March will maintain great conditions and be a little less crowded.

Telluride’s famous gondola is a must-do activity no matter the time of year. It’s free to the public and typical operating hours are 7am to midnight. This 8-mile, 13-minute ride has an incredible 365-degree view of the San Juan Mountains and stops at several on-mountain restaurants, perfect for an apres ski at the end of the day.

The old mining town is a great place for scenic walks and shopping, as well as learning about its history. Check out the Telluride Historical Museum, or explore the National Historic Landmark District. The district is home to attractions like the Old Town Jail, the Rio Grande Southern Railway Depot and the Appaloosa Trading Company, which is the site where notorious outlaw Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank in 1889. Not only does Main Street have these historic locations, it’s also got a few shopping areas featuring local boutiques and ski brand goods.

Visit Boulder

Visit Boulder
Red Herring / Shutterstock

Boulder is a well attended ski destination each year, though it may not get recognized nearly as much as places like Breckenridge, Beaver Creek and Vail on the Epic Pass. It tends to be better suited for sportsman of all types, including cycling, hiking, rock climbing, and more. Locals take pride in the sports scene in Boulder and tourists will thrill at the activities and events available in March.

Boulder hosts events from it’s International Film Festival to Winter Craft Beer Festival to St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Perhaps one of the most exciting events near Boulder in Nederland is the Frozen Dead Guy Days happening at the beginning of the month. The event occurs over one weekend, where teams come to compete in the coffin races, watch free concerts and participate in other merry festivities.

Apart from the coordinated happenings, you can plan your own fun by participating in the various adventures that Boulder has to offer. For instance, there is over 300 miles of scenic hiking in Boulder and it’s available most times of the year. While March can be a bit more iffy as far as snowy weather goes, it’s still possible for a dry hike to be accomplished.

Boulder is well-equipped as a true city, as opposed to other small towns you’ll find in Colorado, complete with art museums, historical attractions, theaters, tours and shopping districts. But those in town to ski will be pleased that the surrounding slopes are perfect for shredding powder this time of year. Since March is such a busy month, it’s recommended you ski on the weekdays and save further exploring for the weekends.

Relax at Pagosa Springs

Relax at Pagosa Springs
Trever Gearhart / Shutterstock

Pagosa Springs is considered a hidden gem in the Colorado Rockies, with loads to offer tourists. March is actually considered the busy season for them, but the town is so secluded that it won’t feel overrun like other parts of the state. It’s known for being a relaxing destination with exquisite hot springs.

In the Winter while snow is still on the ground, Pagosa offers a lot of similar activities you’ll find in other Colorado small towns. You can go cross country skiing, dog sledding, fat biking, go hiking, ice climbing, ice fishing and ice skating in town. You can even partake in some excellent downhill skiing at the nearby Wolf Creek Ski Resort. But the best way to occupy your town in Pagosa Springs is to indulge in the ultimate hot springs experience.

The Springs Resort & Spa has the world’s deepest measured geothermal hot spring and grants access to all guests of the resort. This deep spring is part of a network of 24 different spring pools that can be enjoyed year round. Each pool is varies slightly from the others and comes in a range of temperatures as low as 83°F (28°C) and high as 114°F (45°C).

The Springs are open to the public, but the spa has it’s own separate pricing. Those who want the ultimate relaxing vacation can choose from a variety of treatments, including massage, facials and skin care. People of all ages will find a pool that fits their unique taste and will appreciate the additional amenities in this secluded town, like excellent dining options and historical attractions.

Get Spring Fever at Breckenridge

Breckenridge Snow Quality
Margaret.Wiktor / Shutterstock

Breckenridge is extremely popular with skiers and non-skiers alike, so March is sure to be a busy time of year. However, the “Spring Fever” you’ll experience here is aptly named. The weather is absolutely gorgeous for a day on the slopes in March, with the overall feeling being a little more casual, the sun shining, and the atmosphere warm and fun. As a matter of fact, the town requests visitors dress in layers and bring their sunscreen this month.

Spring Fever is a month-long event that features live outdoor concerts, among other various events. Families will enjoy this special time of year in one of the top ski destinations in North America as it accommodates a range of different vacation styles. The festival includes a unique Imperial Challenge, where competitors race mountain bikes to the ski lift, hike to the top and ski down to win.

The mountain boasts 5 different peaks with lifts to each and runs for every ability. Avid skiers will have a ball on the high alpine chutes and bowls, while younger skiers will enjoy the ski classes and small slopes available to them. Breckenridge is a part of the Epic Pass, so skiers can take advantage of skiing in Vail and Beaver Creek, or even Keystone and Crested Butte.

A stay in Breckenridge means you’re in for world-class skiing and accommodations. The lodging in Breck is outstanding, featuring a breezy walkable village base with loads of things to occupy your time off the slopes. Apres ski here is almost unrivaled with the multiple bars and restaurants to choose from to end your night.

Experience Garden of the Gods

Experience Garden of the Gods
Kevin Carpenter / Shutterstock

Garden of the Gods is a national landmark near Colorado Springs, most well known for it’s extremely unique landscape with rock piles, jutting peaks and towers. There are fifteen miles of walking trails with lots of beautiful mountainous scenery, making it an excellent hiking destination.

Late March is one of the first times to go in the year, once the snow begins to melt in the area. However, the snow will not be completely gone at this point – there could even be a chance of snow flurries coming in while you’re here. The important thing is to dress appropriately.

If hiking through the snow does not appeal to your traveling party, other fun and adventurous activities include rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding – all of which you can do on your own or through a guided tour with the Nature Center. They also offer Electric Bike Tours, Segway Tours and Open-Air Jeep Tours.

We recommend beginning the journey at the Park Visitor & Nature Center, where you’ll get a history lesson, tour the museum and see exhibits and displays unique to the park. Afterward, you can sip on coffee and take in the scenic views through the large windows of the center, or go on one of their guided nature walks offered daily.

March Events in Colorado

March Events in Colorado
Denver / photo-denver / Shutterstock

There are many events to experience in Colorado all throughout the year. March is Spring Break for many, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more events this month, save for the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Below we’ve listed the biggest and most popular long term events that appeal to most travelers in March.

Bud Light Rocks the Boat

Steamboat Springs holds this annual free outdoor concert series to guests visiting in March. Hosted by Bud Light, this event draws crowds to the outdoor stage for music genres ranging from rock to blues. Skiers will enjoy the timing of this seasonal event as concerts start up every afternoon right as the gondolas close to the slopes. A perfect way to apres ski in style.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade is deemed the finest community event to happen in Denver annually over the course of the last 58 years. The parade consists of multiple bands playing Irish music, local musicians and performers, as well as Irish step dancers. Each year a young lady is also crowned “Queen Colleen” of the parade.

Colorado Springs St. Patrick’s Day Parade is similar to Denver’s featuring Irish music, bands and dancers on the parade route. They also host an annual Leprechaun Fun Run and a St. Patrick’s Day Run that you can sign up for in advance. In addition to the parade, the downtown area hosts it’s own celebration to keep the party going.

Colorado in March: Week by Week

 Pike’s Peak / Tim Verduzco / Shutterstock

First Week

Weather in the first week of March is likely feeling very similar to February temps. Expect snowy days, but not quite as often as you’ll experience in earlier Winter months. March is the beginning of Spring transition, so things are on their way to warming up.

Ski season is in full swing at this point – plus a lot of families are traveling for Spring Break around the country – making Colorado a busy state to be in this month. The mountains have plenty of fresh powder and snow pack to go around, but it’ll likely be crowded.

Bud Light Rocks the Boat is goin on in Steamboat Springs this week. This is an annual free outdoor concert series open to guests, drawing crowds who love everything from rock to blues.

Second Week

The second week of March is likely to feature a few days where temperatures are warmer. Blue bird days are on the horizon, where skiers can enjoy comfortable temperatures and sunny skies while shredding powder.

Lift lines and hotels are going to be pretty full at this point, since everyone’s coming to town for the premium snows at this point in the season. Ski school may be difficult to get into last minute, so plan ahead if you want to take part this month.

St. Patrick’s Day typically falls on this week in the year and you’ll likely find lots of deals and specials going on at the bars and restaurants in most towns around Colorado. Don’t miss the parades in Denver or Colorado Springs, if you happen to be visiting.

Third Week

Weather is noticeably getting warmer over the course of the month, but ski conditions are still great in most areas. The snow will stay on the mountain for a bit longer but snowfall may begin to dwindle at this point.

Ski crowds and travel crowds in general are seeing their final days during this week of the month, in conjunction with the warmer temps. Garden of the Gods is a great place to chill out as the weather permits and seek nature instead of jam packed slopes.

St. Patrick’s Day specials are probably still going on at this point, but not much else in the way of special events – save for delicious apres ski drinks and food deals.

Fourth Week

At this time, the weather is definitely beginning to thaw out the mountains and most skiers will be heading out of town. Lift lines will be a little easier to manage as you enjoy the last of the ski season and great snow.

Most ski areas will begin to close at this time as Colorado starts to enter their slow season. This is a great time to take advantage of lower rates for travel expenses while still getting a little more out of the existing snow.


Whether you choose to shred the powder at great ski areas like Telluride, Beaver Creek or Copper Mountain, or attend a St. Patrick’s Day event, you’re going to have a great time in Colorado in the month of March. Crowds may be hopping this time of year, but if you enjoy lively cities and slopes, you’re in for a treat.

You can still seek out relaxation and take in the beauty of Mother Nature at more secluded areas like the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, or soak in the warm waters of Pagosa Springs this month. But rates and crowds will still be fairly high in this season.

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