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The Bahamas in August: The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide

Planning a trip to The Bahamas in August and need some help? This guide has what you’re looking for!

Generally, August in the Bahamas is hot and humid with frequent rain showers and thunder storms forecasted each week. The weather often drives tourists away, which means your traveling expenses will be significantly lower in August. From transportation to accommodations, you could save hundreds more than you would on a trip during high season. Plus, you can still do the most popular things the islands offer without fighting the crowds.

Looking to plan a trip to the Bahamas in August but not sure what to do? We’ve got lots of suggestions to make your trip worth while. Keep reading to see what you should be adding to your list of things to do on an August vacation to the islands.

Bahamas Weather in August

Eleuthera Island Bahamas
Eleuthera Island / Gaston Piccinetti / Shutterstock

August in the Bahamas is wet and muggy, with hot weather and humidity. August is the wettest month of the year and is also one of the hottest months in the islands. It also happens to be part of the beginning of hurricane season, so big storms and winds can play a role in weather patterns this month.

Summertime in the Bahamas is generally pretty hot and rainy, and August is the epitome of it. That doesn’t mean the entire month is this way, it’s just more likely to be. Hurricanes aren’t usually a huge threat in August, but it’s something to keep in mind when planning months in advance. Hurricanes can sprout within a week, so this can make it difficult to plan ahead.

When hurricanes aren’t impending, daily rain showers can be expected. They typically occur in the afternoons and blow over before dusk. This isn’t necessarily true every single day, but it’s best to plan for your day around this likelihood. Daily temperatures will average at 90°F for the high and around 78°F for the low.

Nights will also remain warm and muggy, so dressing for vacation will require light and loose clothing. Water temperatures will be pretty warm, too, normally equated to bath water. The ocean will average around 85°F each day. During the day it might be overcast, but be sure to lather up your sunscreen since UV rays will consistently come through even the cloudiest days.

Bahamas August Weather Cheat Sheet

Average Low Temperature78°F (25.5°C)
Average High Temperature90°F (32.2°C)
Average Sea Water Temperature86°F (30°C)
Average Rainfall3.3 inches (83.8 mm)
Average Days with Rain10 days
UV Index11 (Extreme)
Day Length~13 hours
Sea ConditionsGenerally calm to slightly choppy
VisibilityTypically good, 8-10 miles
Dew Point~76°F (24.4°C)
Air Quality IndexGood
Likelihood of HurricanesHigh

Bahamas Affordability & Crowds in August

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas
Atlantis, Paradise Island / ms_pics_and_more / Shutterstock

August crowds in the Bahamas are pretty low, ushering in the start of slow season in the archipelago. Low season means that fewer people will travel to the islands this month, mostly due to the hot and muggy weather that’s typically associated with August.

Fewer tourists means that vacation planning on a budget will be very easy and doable. Spontaneous trips are easier this month, and highly recommended to avoid hurricane weeks which can come quickly and sporadically. If you live in Florida and don’t mind the heat and also want to save money, August is great for those last minute weekend getaways.

Rates will be lower across the board for hotels, transportation and traveling, but that also means that some businesses will be closed this month. Some tours may not be available as frequently as they will be in high season and some restaurants may transition their operating hours. But if saving money is your number one priority, August is a great month to plan a budget trip to the Bahamas.

Traveling to the Bahamas in August

Half Moon Cay Bahamas
Half Moon Cay / pablopicasso / Shutterstock

Traveling to the Bahamas in August can get a little dicey due to inclement weather and quick forming thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes. All forms of travel can be subject to cancellation and rescheduling this month if storms are bad enough on the week your trip is due to start.

Flying to the Bahamas this month might be the best bet in arriving despite the weather, but flights can be rerouted and cancelled when rain or winds are particularly bad. Despite this, flight costs are pretty low in August and affordable for last minute trips, especially to Nassau. Other small jets that island hop can have lower rates this month, too.

Cruises are a really popular option for visiting the Bahamas and offer an all-inclusive experience on the ship and a fully booked itinerary on land. Summer cruises are often discounted since it’s low season. However, storms can stall or reschedule your trip if they’re bad enough. At the very least, choppy seas can make seasickness more of a problem for some passengers.

Lastly, the ferryboats from Fort Lauderdale or Miami in Florida are always a more affordable option. They are the most subject to cancellations due to inclement weather since they are smaller, open air vessels. They are also the least enjoyable during a hot month like August, but if the cheaper cost is worth it to you, this is a great option to getting to ports in Nassau, Freeport or Bimini.

Best Bahamas Islands in August

August in the Bahamas is perfect for diving and spearfishing, among other various activities, and Long Island is one of the best places to accomplish this. If you’re looking to explore the depths of the coastline while staying in a beautiful natural habitat, look no further than a trip to Long Island.

Long Island Bahamas
Sven Hansche / Shutterstock

Long Island

Long Island is one of the more remote islands in the Bahamas, stretching 80 miles in length and only 4 miles wide. This suitably named island boasts some of the most dazzling variations in natural splendor from rocky coastlines to natural caves to deep blue holes and more. The best way to get here is to fly into Deadman’s Cay Airport or Stella Maris Airport.

Clarence Town is the capital of Long Island and serves as the main hub for your explorations. There are 13 different accommodations here and the remainder of the dwellings belong to the 3,000 residents who inhabit the island. Long Island also serves up delicious Bahamian meals at several local restaurants and offers plenty of walking tours of their history and nature.

Once here, plan for the adventure of a lifetime. Fishing is one of the top things to do off the coast of Long Island, and the flats under towering cliffs are great for locating bonefish. Nature lovers will relish the excellent hiking through Hamilton’s Cave or Lucayan Indian Cave, Deadman’s Cay Caves and also through many plantation ruins along the coast.

The most popular attraction in Long Island is Dean’s Blue Hole, which has an estimated depth of 660 ft. Swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers are all welcome here. On the outer edge, you can spot sea turtles, reef fish and seahorses who bask in the warm shallows then find cooling reprieve in the blue hole. The sides of the underwater cavern also have many crags and nooks where grouper, snapper and other marine life like to hide.

Diving with sharks is also a must-do for those brave enough. Shark Reef is the main attraction, along with Conception Reef. For those who want to stay on land, enjoy the pristine white beaches of Great Bahama Bank or Cape Santa Maria Beach. You can even spot the wreck of Gallant Lady from the safety of the shores of Radio Beach. No matter your preference, Long Island has a little something for every kind of adventure-seeker.

Best Things to Do in the Bahamas in August

The Bahamas has are located in a tropical climate, so all the best activities can really be accomplished any time of year. Even if the rain showers effect the timeliness of some of your tours or excursions, the sun and heat make water activities more enjoyable in the Summertime. Here are some of our top suggestions to put on your schedule for an August vacation in the Bahamas.

Swim with the Sea Turtles

Swimming with Sea Turtles Bahamas
Artush / Shutterstock

We highly recommend swimming with the sea turtles. August is part of turtle hatching season, so you might even be lucky enough to spot turtle nests along the coasts of the little islands. Turtle nests are protected, so please view but don’t touch.

If the island you’re staying on has turtle nests, it’s also possible you’ll get the chance to witness them hatching and heading to sea. You can find turtles all over the Bahamas, but some of the best places to go are Great Abaco Island, Rose Island, or Conception Island National Park.

The warm waters in August are really great for swimming with stingrays. Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands or the coast of Bimini are the best places to wade in 3-4ft deep water with dozens of Southern stingrays. The Atlantis Stingray Experience is another great experience that puts you in the water with Cownose rays instead of the usual Southern Stingrays. Cownose rays are known for their rounded face and pointed wings.

Another top activity in the Bahamas is swimming with the pigs of Exuma. Many stories have developed for how the pigs got to the island in the first place, but all visitors care about are getting the opportunity to swim in the breakers with these friendly beasts. Many tours offer this on their list of outings, and some allow guests to feed the pigs. Tourists can book boats, catamarans, or even small planes to get to Exuma.

A thing to keep in mind when visiting the pigs of Exuma is their daily schedule. The morning and late afternoon will be the best time to take a tour since they are likely to be sleeping during the heat of the day.

Dive the Blue Holes

Dean's Blue Hole Bahamas
Dean’s Blue Hole / Sven Hansche / Shutterstock

Blue hole diving is a must-do in August and the Bahamas is full of them. The most notable are in Blue Holes National Parks and on Andros Island. In addition to this, Dean’s Blue Hole is a popular spot for thrill seekers. The hole is over 600 feet in depth and offers incredible cave diving once you reach 60 feet under the surface. But don’t go it alone: always book with the pros for blue hole diving.

As mentioned above, Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island is the second largest blue hole in the world and is open to swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers. And you don’t have to swim to the center to see plenty of ocean life. Turtles, reef fish, goliath grouper and more call this cool hideout home.

Scuba diving is great in August and there are plenty of great dives to put on your list. Not only is the Bahamas a great destination for National Marine Parks, lots of ship wrecks, large blue holes and Caribbean reefs, it’s also a haven for many popular movie sets. Thunderball Grotto, for example, is the iconic location for James Bond’s Thunderball movie of 1965.

Catch Lobster

Spearfishing Lobster Bahamas
FtLaud / Shutterstock

Spearfishing is at it’s best through August in the 700 islands through the Bahamas. Some of the best islands to go are Guana Cay, Nassau, the Spanish Wells on Eleuthera and Andros Islands’ long barrier reef. Lobster season starts on August 1, so many divers will be after these fun catches. Grouper, Snapper, Hogfish and Lionfish are also top targets for spearfishing in the Summer.

On the top of the water, bonefish are one of the top catches in the Bahamas. They can often be found on the flats and near the mangroves, especially near the Abaco Islands, as well as Andros and off New Providence.

You can bring your own gear and go it alone, but we always recommend booking a pro to get you to the best fishing spots in the islands. A charter captain can also lead you to other fish in season in August, like Amberjack, Barracuda, Grouper, Shark, or Snapper.

Deep sea fishing charter could also be a fun day on the water, if the weather permits. Many of the usual catches are unavailable in August, but the month happens to be great for landing Broadbill Swordfish. The large sportfish can be found in a pretty wide range of depths and are known for airing their dorsal fin on the surface or fully breaching the water.

See Historical Sites

Pirates of Nassau Museum
Pirates of Nassau Museum / Alisa_Ch / Shutterstock

Bus tours are perfect in August since the hot weather can put a damper on walking and sightseeing tours. With a bus tour you’ll get to see all the popular historical and significant locations while in an air-conditioned and comfortable environment. The tours last half a day and can even include food from popular local eateries, which really make the excursion worth it.

Beach buggy tours are tailor made for adventure seekers who want a more challenging experience. You can find them for rent on Nassau and they seat up to 6 people for however long you want them. Tour options range from going it completely alone to booking a guide to take you to the biggest sites including the Queen’s Staircase and Fort Fincastle among others.

If you’d like a full culture and foodie experience, book a nassau food tour. You’ll get to taste some of the best restaurants on the island, and get a tour of the famous John Watling’s Distillery

Nothing is better than ending the day with a beautiful Bahamian sunset cruise. Many of the cruises set sail from Nassau or Paradise Island and serve a dinner of local delicacies like barbecue ribs, lemon pepper chicken and Bahama Mama cocktails. The night’s not over after watching the sunset; you’ll often be treated to live music or additional bar service before coming back to port.

Shop the Local Markets

Nassau Bahamas Straw Market
Brookgardener / Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a little reprieve, shopping around the Bahamas could be a great way to relax. There are lots of different types of stores and markets to choose from that can accommodate any mood. One of the top recommended places to go is the Nassau Straw Market. It’s been in operation since the 1940’s and sells many locally carved and woven goods.

Most of the shops you’ll want to see are located in Nassau, specifically in the historic district like Bay Street. Bay Street has every kind of store you could imagine and is usually very busy. You might be lucky in July and have an easier time visiting the stores while the island isn’t as full. Festival Place on New Providence Island is another good suggestion, where you can find everything from artisanal creations to edible treats or small keepsakes.

The open air shopping markets are also fun to explore, like Port Lucaya Marketplace in Freeport on Grand Bahama. This huge marketplace has local souvenirs both handmade and mass produced alongside plenty of food and drink spots where you can wind down after shopping. If you’re staying at Atlantis on Paradise Island, Marina Village has a similar vibe with more luxury shops and restaurants.

Rent Water Vehicles

Nassau Jet Ski Rentals
Nassau / byvalet / Shutterstock

There are some pretty thrilling experiences you can have while exploring the Bahamas coastal areas on the water. Glass Bottom boats are a really fun way to get on the water while also seeing the creatures underneath it. These unique tours are designed to hold around 10-15 people and travel over busy reefs and fish schools so passengers can see marine life through the glass bottom.

Feeling even more adventurous? Get right up close and personal with the marine life by renting a Personal Underwater Subs in Nassau. These underwater vehicles allow you to find sea creatures at your own pace while operating your own submarine. It’s a great alternative to scuba diving, as these vehicles can go up to 40 feet below the surface.

Other rentals are available from local island shops or at your resort. You’ll find anything from snorkel gear, jet skis, and banana boats for rent on the beach. Any one of these rentals can enhance any beach day, especially if you want to spend less on a tour or have limited time in the day.

August Events in the Bahamas

Cat Island Regatta Bahamas
Daniel Sockwell / Shutterstock

Cat Island Regatta

The Cat Island Regatta marks the beginning of the month and the annual emancipation celebrations with a fun, family-friendly sailing event. Sloops of all sizes gather to race for best in classes A, B, and C while spectators are treated to local food, music and entertainment. The Great Coconut Race is one of the most anticipated events, where participants kick coconuts down the beach.

Emancipation Day

Emancipation Day in the Bahamas is celebrated the first Monday in August. Residents from old slave villages, such as Gambier, Adelaide or Fox Hall put on small parties and festivals to commemorate the day. Visitors are invited to participate alongside nationals to enjoy delicious food, good music and great fun.


August in the Bahamas is a great getaway, so long as you don’t mind a bit of hot weather or stormy afternoons. Many people stay away from the Bahamas this time of year, but it’s the perfect time to save money on a trip to the islands. The frequent rain is tolerable and usually won’t interfere with your plans as long as you pay attention to the forecast each day.

August happens to be a great time for fishing of all forms, including spearfishing, and is the beginning of lobster season in the Caribbean. Diving is also a thrilling adventure in August. You won’t need a full wetsuit this month, plus the popular dive sites won’t be really busy.

Since the Summer is slow season for the Bahamas, you can expect to save money plus have the beaches almost all to yourself. Everything from transportation and accommodations will be less busy and less expensive. This means charter planes to more remote areas, like Long Island, will also be doable on a tighter budget.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to save money on your next trip to the Bahamas, August is a great time to go. You’ll need to pay attention to weather warnings and incoming thunderstorms, but all the activities that are available to you this month make it worth the effort.

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