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The Bahamas in March: The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide

Planning a trip to The Bahamas in March and need some help? We’ve got you covered!

Generally, March in the Bahamas is busy and expensive, but the weather is great. Visitors who visit in March enjoy breezy, comfortable temperatures and plan for fun nights out. Partiers will especially have a great time this month. Since March is part of high season in the Bahamas, you’ll want to plan months in advance so your desired transportation, tours and reservations aren’t booked up.

That’s the way-too-short of it. This big guide will cover all of the in’s-and-out’s you need to know in order to plan the perfect Bahamas vacation. From weather to crowd levels, things to do and things to avoid, it’s all here!

Bahamas Weather in March

Eleuthera Bahamas
Eleuthera / Studio Barcelona / Shutterstock

March weather in the Bahamas is often quite windy, but it’s otherwise very pleasant and comfortable. March happens to be the windiest month of the year in the islands, which can affect everything from golfing to diving and boating. Be sure to confirm with your tour guides or charter boat captain before each excursion to verify that weather will allow for your adventures each day.

Despite the windy forecast, March has really nice temperatures for just about any beachy activity. Daily highs are around 80°F and the lows are about 67°F. On average, you can expect for March days to feel nice and warm while nights could be a bit chilly and windy.

March is also one of the clearest months of the year which means that rain showers and thunderstorms are very rare. Water temperatures in March will be approximately 74-78°F. This is a fairly comfortable temperature for most folks when swimming inshore, but scuba divers will probably want to consider a full wetsuit to prevent chill in deeper waters.

Bahamas March Weather Cheat Sheet

Average Low Temperature67°F (19°C)
Average High Temperature79°F (26°C)
Average Sea Water Temperature75°F (24°C)
Average Rainfall1.9 inches (48.3 mm)
Average Days with Rain5 days
UV Index8 (Very High)
Day Length~12 hours
Sea ConditionsGenerally calm to moderate
VisibilityTypically good, 8-10 miles
Dew Point~65°F (18°C)
Air Quality IndexGood
Likelihood of HurricanesVery Low

Bahamas Affordability & Crowds in March

Bahamas Crowds March
TYeu / Shutterstock

March is the height of tourism in the Bahamas, mostly thanks to Spring Break. While the college crowd attributes to some of the business, March is also a popular month for retirees, young families, and snow birds.

Since March is the peak of high season, there are a lot of things to consider when planning a vacation during this time. On one hand, peak season means that restaurants, tours and hotels will always be open and available. However, the islands and attractions will be busy and more expensive which means you’ll want to plan your trip pretty far in advance if you want a chance at finding availability and money-saving deals.

Rates for all aspects of your trip will be pretty high this month, including transportation, flights, hotels, attractions and tours. The expense is definitely worth it if you prefer the party scene and don’t mind a bustling atmosphere. But if you like a quieter experience or want the budget deals, it’s better to look into a Summer getaway.

Daylight Savings Time in the Bahamas in March

Daylight Savings Time is not honored by many countries around the world, but the Bahamas along with the neighboring United States still adheres to this bi-annual rule. March marks the Spring Forward, which means the clocks will change one hour forward. The only thing this will really affect is the sunrise and sunset times.

If you’re traveling to the Bahamas in early March, you won’t be affected by Daylight Savings Time. The sun will rise around 6:30 or 7am and the sun will set at about 6pm.

But if you come in the middle of the month or later, expect for sunrise to occur at about 7:30am. The sun will then set around 7:30pm or later and will continue to have a later time through the Summer.

Traveling to the Bahamas in March

Carnival Cruise Bahamas
Ihor Koptilin / Shutterstock

When traveling to the Bahamas in March, don’t expect to find many deals on transportation rates unless you book really far in advance. March is historically busy due to Spring Break and most travel rates will be pretty high whether you plan to cruise, ferry or fly into the Bahamas.

Since the weather is pretty steady in March, taking a cruise is one of the best options for traveling to the Bahamas. You can book cruises to the islands at most ports in Florida, as well as along the Atlantic Coastline, that last anywhere from 2 to 7 days roundtrip.

It’ll take approximately 2.5 to 4 hours to reach Nassau or Freeport from Florida and a full day from the mid-Atlantic. Windy weather is about the only thing to look out for when booking a cruise, but it rarely affects the experience. Thunderstorms and rain are also rare in March, enhancing the chance that the cruise will not be cancelled or postponed this month.

The next best way to get to the Bahamas is by ferryboat from South Florida. As mentioned before, March has perfect weather for traveling via boat since there’s a low chance of rain and thunderstorms. The Ferryboat from Miami usually takes 3 to 4 hours and transports guests to their choice of Grand Bahama or Bimini.

The last option we recommend (or the necessary option if you’re traveling from farther away) is a direct flight to the islands. Flying will typically be the most expensive way to get to the Bahamas in March, but you can get a better deal on flights if you go directly to a busy airport like Nassau. Flying to less busy islands will hike the rates significantly.

Best Bahamas Islands in March

We’ve listed two of the best islands to visit while planning a trip to the Bahamas in March. New Providence is the most popular and will be the busiest, but it’s perfect for anyone looking to join the action. San Salvador has a quieter approach to a great vacation and provides excellent activities to those in need of a respite.

Little San Salvador Bahamas
San Salvador Island / Fortgens Photography / Shutterstock

New Providence Island

New Providence Island is the most popular island in the Bahamas by far. And while March is part of high season for the Bahamas, New Providence is actually a good choice for a certain crowd – the Spring Breakers. If you’re looking for the ultimate party in March, New Providence Island is going to be your ticket to paradise.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, which is what makes New Providence Island so popular. It serves as the business, political, shopping and tourism capital of the archipelago and is home to most of the museums, historical sites and cruise ports in the Bahamas. You’ll have a really easy time traveling to Nassau, since all forms of transportation come here.

You’ll also have an easier time getting to surrounding islands from New Providence. Nassau is connected to Paradise Island by bridge and is a close boat ride to Eleuthera (great natural habitat and diving locations) and Andros Island (perfect for boating and fishing). New Providence also boasts plenty of its own things to do, including full island tours, boating tours, golden sand beaches and pristine waters.

New Providence Island is 21 miles long, significantly smaller than some of the Out Islands, but is packed with fun. Visitors will not want to miss Clifton Heritage Park, eating at the Rum Cake Factory, drinking at Pirate Republic Brewery, gambling at the casinos, shopping on Bay Street, seeing the forts or climbing the Queen’s Staircase.

Of course, the beaches are a must-do when coming to the Bahamas, so when you stay on New Providence be sure to check out Blue Lagoon, Cabbage Beach, Caves Beach, Coral Harbour Beach, Love Beach or Cable Beach, the latter of which is popular for white sandy shores. Golfers may also want to try the South Ocean Golf Course designed by Joe Lee.

Nightlife is exceptional on New Providence, with plenty of luxury resorts, delicious restaurants, exciting casinos and party bars. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is your safety. Unfortunately, Nassau crime rates tend to be high, especially at night. Try to stick to the main streets and be careful using public transportation.

San Salvador Island

San Salvador is a perfect alternative for those looking for more privacy and better natural landscape. It’s a great match to New Providence with historical significance but offers more varied terrain, prettier secluded beaches, and glittering inland lakes. San Salvador claims to be the first island spotted by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage from Spain in 1492. Today, the residents have commemorated his first landing with a white cross on beach at Long Bay.

San Salvador is only 63 miles in size, making is one of the smallest islands in the Bahamas. You can get here by way of San Salvador Airport, which means you’ll have to take a small jet from Nassau. However, the price can well be worth the trip to visit a remote island with less than 1,000 residents.

The island is most well known for it’s nearly 50 diving sites. Everything from shallow coral reefs to wrecks are available to experienced divers looking to get up close with various sharks in February or stingrays in the warmer months.

Miles of secluded beaches are ripe for the taking. Those who want to find the ultimate form of relaxation should set up their umbrella and chair at Snow Bay Beach, Grotto Beach or French Bay. Small cottages line a few of the beaches and luxury villas are also available to rent for the week. They make a great jumping off point for exploring the local history and hiking the hilly island.

Best Things to Do in the Bahamas in March

Since the seasons and temperatures don’t change much in The Bahamas, you can do just about any activity you can think of all year. This includes fun outings like snorkeling adventures, fishing charters, beach buggy tours and more. March is busy but has perfect weather for most activities, so we’ll give some details about which ones you should invest your time in.

Find the Party

Royal Caribbean Deck Party Bahamas
Royal Caribbean / mariakray / Shutterstock

March is the top party month in the Bahamas, mostly thanks to Spring Break. However, you’ll find all age groups from college kids to retirees living it up in the islands this month. Lots of parties and festivals are going on all over the islands, but the primary locale for the nightlife and party scene is Nassau on New Providence Island.

Carnival Cruise Line, and other similar cruises, have adult-only cruises you can book to up the ante on a full-out party vacation. New Providence Island is also home to many adult-only resorts, so you can have an incredibly fun vacation with a big group of friends.

Parasail Over the Water

Parasailing over Bahamas
Anna Jedynak / Shutterstock

Parasailing is one of the best activities to do in March, but isn’t for the faint of heart. Parasailing boats set sail from Nassau, Cabbage Beach, Freeport and a few other smaller islands in the area. You’ll begin by selecting a life vest and boating out to deeper water. Once the balloon has caught wind, your guides will strap you in for the ride and let the balloon rise with you aboard.

From the air, you’ll be able to get breathtaking views of the islands and you’ll be able to look deep into the crystal clear waters. We’ve been able to see everything from rays to sharks on these parasailing adventures. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the guides will reel the balloon back into the boat and sometimes dip your toes in the water on the way back in. It’s quite the experience!

In addition to parasailing, we definitely recommend the Personal Underwater Subs for rent in Nassau. These unique personal subs take you on a deep dive around the local reefs to view fish and coral up close. You don’t need any previous diving experience to operate these underwater vehicles, so they make for a fun group activity for anybody.

Snorkel gear, jet skis, banana boats and glass bottom boats are also available for rent on many of the island beaches around the Bahamas. Any one of these rentals can really enhance your vacation. If you’re interested in seeing more underwater creatures, we suggest getting a snorkel and mask or a glass bottom boat to explore on your own time. The jet skis and banana boats are just pure wave-running fun.

Ride Horses on the Beach

Half Moon Cay Horseback Riding Bahamas
Half Moon Cay / Ramunas Bruzas / Shutterstock

If you ask anyone who’s been to the Bahamas, they’ll tell you that swimming with the pigs in Exuma is a must-do activity no matter the time of year. This is definitely the top experience in the Bahamas, but we aware that March will be an extremely busy month for this activity and may be more expensive. Swimming with the pigs usually requires a powerboat or speed boat tour unless you’re staying on Exuma, so be sure to compare pricing with different tours if you’re on a budget.

A more moderately-priced experience is the romantic horseback tours on New Providence and Grand Bahama. Happy Trails on Paradise Island offers spectacular sunrise trail rides, while Freeport also offers daytime sightseeing tours. The trail guides also serve as tour guides explaining the history and significance of different sights you’ll see along the way.

If you want the ultimate adventure, book the ride at Half Moon Cay, which takes you on a ride down the beach and for swim through the waves on or with your horse. This one is unbeatable for those up for the challenge.

The least expensive way to experience nature on the islands is to go shelling along the shoreline. Bahamian residents claim the best shelling is done on Somerset Creek Beach at Andros Island and Eleuthera Island. Visitors can find many various native shells including sand dollars and conches. Just make sure you don’t remove any of the conch shells, since they are protected in the Bahamas.

Golf at Baker’s Bay

Bahamas Golf Club
Andrii_K / Shutterstock

Golf is lovely in the Spring and the conditions are outstanding for a full round. The weather can get windy, but there’s little chance of rain so most days will be great for the sport. There are many places to go golfing in the Bahamas in March, and it’s likely that your luxury resort has an 18-hole championship course on the grounds.

One of the most luxurious options is Baker’s Bay Golf Club designed by Tom Fazio. Baker’s Bay is a members-only resort located between Abaco and the Atlantic. Despite the grandeur and elevation of the resort, this club is famous for “barefoot golf” where players can play the beautiful greens shoeless. This is an 18-hole course that can accommodate all levels and features refreshment areas just off the greens.

Albany is less exclusive but equally as beautiful, offering players an 18-hole championship course, elite practice facilities and an extensive clubhouse. The Hero World Challenge is held at Albany each year as part of the PGA Tour, making the course even more special. Albany was designed by Ernie Els and comes equipped with high dunes and desert features, along with uniquely distinct scenery you won’t find anywhere else in the Bahamas.

ATV the Islands

Eleuthera ATV Tour Bahamas
Studio Barcelona / Shutterstock

The Bahamas has many different tours that offer a great time to anyone who wants to explore the islands even further. Some of the best include ATV and Jeep tours on land, or boating tours on the water. All of these fun experience give you the chance to see the Bahamas from an interesting point of you as guides provide historical details along the way.

You can find the ATV tours in Nassau which that take you through the dunes and beaches and in different parts of the city. These tours usually include lunch with an all day tour, or you can pick a half-day to pair with other adventures.

Another unique excursion is the Pirate Jeep Sightseeing Tour designed for small groups seeking pirate lore and history in New Providence Island. Tourists get chauffeured to different significant sites and end the tour with a sample of rum at John Watling’s Distillery.

On the water fun is great with Exuma Powerboat Tours. The prices of boat tours are steeper than the land tours, but they include even more experiences. Exuma Powerboat Tours set sail from Nassau and make up to 7 different stops depending on the tour. This is full day experience where let’s you encounter sharks, stingrays, and iguanas, plus you’ll get a chance to swim with the famous pigs of Exuma.

Speed boat tours provide even more island-hopping fun and can be slightly cheaper than the power boat tours. The speed boat tours can range in price from below $200 to under $1000. You can select many different destinations from private beaches to snorkeling holes to sand bars, so we suggest looking into the perfect tour to fit your budget and bucket list.

Go Fishing & Diving

Black Grouper Bahamas
Black Grouper / Carlos Grillo / Shutterstock

Bonefishing is a popular excursion almost any time of year in the Bahamas as it’s one of the best places in world to catch these intriguing fish. However, March is one of the best times of year to spot them before the warmer Summer weather sets in.

Bahamian residents and charter captains claim that the Abaco Islands are the best place for bone fish along with Andros Island, New Providence Island or Yamacraw Beach. You could try it on your own inshore, but we recommend hiring a charter to guarantee a good catch.

Charters are also available for other fish this month, including Amberjack, Barracuda, Dorado, Grouper, Permit and Wahoo. You’ll mostly stay inshore during these excursions, unless your captain deems it more likely to find Dorado farther offshore in March.

Scuba diving is another fun way to explore the waters of the Bahamas. March waters are still fairly chilly, but it’s well worth it. Lots of tours will take you to the Exuma Cays, Bimini or Grand Bahama where you can dive ship and plane wrecks featured in the movies, or explore colorful coral reefs like the Exuma Land and Sea Park.

Shark sightings are still prevalent in March, especially near Bimini and Grand Bahama. You’ll see mostly Hammerheads, Reef, Lemon and Nurse sharks, and possibly Oceanic White Tips later in the month.

March Events in the Bahamas

Bacardi Rum Billfish Tournament Bahamas
Billfish Tournament / TOM GADDIS / Shutterstock

Bacardi Rum Billfish Tournament

The Bacardi Rum Billfish Tournament kicks off the billfish season each year. The tournament awards points to each fish caught, featuring Sailfish, Spearfish, White and Blue Marlin. The winners earn the most points and receive awards at the ending banquet and party held on Bimini.

Bahamas Music & Heritage Festival

This is a fun, family-friendly event centered around the music and heritage of the Bahamas. Families are invited to participate in concerts held by local artists and musicians for several nights in March, followed by markets with local craftsmen and artisans.


March in the Bahamas is perfect for party animals, couples, families and groups of any size, so it’s easy to plan to a trip for just about any vacation style. However, you’ll want to plan around the sheer number of people who’ll be visiting this month, plus budget well for a more expensive vacation.

If finding the lively parties and experiencing the fun nightlife of Nassau is on your bucket list, this is a great month to plan a trip. Nassau is bustling this time of year and has loads of different things to do on the island and in the water. It’s home to lots of museums, historic settings, luxury resorts and restaurants. The fun will never end, but be prepared to pay a hefty price for the experience.

If you’d rather to avoid the bigger crowds, try to get off New Providence onto a smaller Out Island like San Salvador. The adventure is thrilling on this hilly island and the natural landscape is unreal. You’ll still pay a pretty penny to get here, but it’s worth the effort if you want to take advantage of the ideal weather in March.

Love the idea of a lively atmosphere, ideal weather and beautiful beaches, and don’t mind paying a little extra for the experience? Then March will be the best month for planning your getaway to the Bahamas!

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