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Switzerland in June: Everything You Need to Know

Visiting Switzerland in June and need the scoop on weather, things to do, places to see, and everything else? We’ve got you covered.

June is the beginning of peak Summer season for Switzerland where crowds start to trickle into the country for vacation. The weather is great this month spreading sunshine across the mountains and valleys, which is perfect for outdoor exploration. Every activity from hiking the Swiss National Park to biking the 72 Waterfalls Valley or even paragliding in Interlaken, June is full of outdoor fun.

This big guide will take care of just about everything you need in order to have the best possible trip during this month.

Switzerland Weather in June

June at Grindelwald, Switzerland
Grindelwald / silverfox999 / Shutterstock

June is the epitome of Summer and brings some of the best warm weather in the country. It’s not yet too hot to spend a full day in the sun, so many outdoor activities will be a great time no matter the part of day. Days are also longer, giving you extra free time to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Most lower altitude regions will have the warmest weather, like Geneva and Zurich, which will have lows and highs around 52°F to 73˚F (11°C to 23˚C) in June. Higher altitude regions like Zermatt will experience average June temperatures around 41°F to 61˚F (5°C to 16˚C) throughout the day. 

The snow may remain on the mountain peaks, but it won’t continue to fall throughout the month of June. Warm weather dominates this month, however there may be a few rain showers that occur in many cantons around Switzerland, no matter the altitude.

Average June Temperature in Switzerland (By City)

CityAvg Low (°F)Avg High (°F)Avg Low (°C)Avg High (°C)
St. Gallen47.569.38.620.7
St. Moritz37.461.3316.3

Switzerland Affordability & Crowds in June

June in Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne / Keitma / Shutterstock

June is the start of peak season in Switzerland. Vacationers flock to the country as school lets out and families enjoy Summer break. This will inevitably mean that pricing on travel and hotel reservations begin to rise, making your Swiss vacation a bit more expensive than it was in May. 

On the bright side, all the hotels, restaurants, tours and excursions are open and available this month. On the down side, you’ll want to be sure you’ve booked all your desired activities and accommodations well in advance. Crowd levels will vary by destination, but you can be sure that all forms of travel will be consistently busy this time of year.

Switzerland Snow & Skiing in June

Most people don’t think of going skiing in the Summertime, but Switzerland actually has a few great places to go if you’re still in the mood for hitting the slopes. Snow in June is pretty much gone all over the country, but will remain in the high altitude glaciers of the Alps.

In contrast to the hiking destinations and Summertime havens all over Switzerland, the ski resorts are remarkably less busy. If your goal is to avoid the crowds and get the benefit of Winter and Summer fun, places like Zermatt and Saas-Fee are going to be your best bet.

Best Switzerland Ski Resorts in June 

By the time June rolls around, the snow is completely gone in most parts of the country. The only exceptions are in the mountains that house the glaciers. Zermatt and Saas-Fee are among the only two ski resorts open in June, which will allow you to experience a ski trip and summer trip wrapped into one vacation. 


Zermatt, Switzerland in June
Marek Pelikan / Shutterstock

Zermatt claims the highest winter sports area in the Alps with skiing available 365 days a year. This unassuming little town also has one big international draw: the Matterhorn. This is undoubtedly one of the most unique places to ski, since the area you’re confined to sits on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The Klein Matterhorn Ski Paradise has sweeping views of the Matterhorn and other peaks in the Alps, and grants access to both Zermatt, Switzerland and Cervinia, Italy.

Zermatt visitors who don’t come to ski can still access Klein Matterhorn Glacier Paradise by riding the extensive gondola system to the viewing station at the peak of Klein Matterhorn. 

In town, you’ll experience a completely different atmosphere. Summer has overtaken the car-free village and outdoor activities are in abundance. Delicious and eclectic restaurants serve everything from seafood to classic European fare and friendly hospitality is given to every visitor. 


Saas Fee, Switzerland in June
nikonka1 / Shutterstock

Saas-Fee often serves as the training grounds for Olympic and competitive ski teams, since its high elevation and ice cold glacier areas provide great conditions through the Summer. They have whole training slopes reserved for these teams and ski racing summer camps for amateurs. One of the coolest offerings in the Summertime is the Stomping Grounds freestyle park, featuring a half pipe and big air jumps.

The village is delightfully breezy and a lot less crowded in the Summer. Most visitors will be touring the lower alpine regions in the Summertime, so Saas-Fee will mostly have locals and residents in town. Many outdoor activities like hiking, biking and sightseeing are popular pastimes during the Summer.

Best Things to Do in Switzerland in June

Though there are many numerous locations that are attractive to visit in June, Switzerland has some wow-worthy spots that are best to visit this month. We’ve listed them in detail here to help you get your trip plans started.

Visit Basel 

Basel, Switzerland town in June
Keitma / Shutterstock

Basel is one of the northernmost towns in Switzerland, sitting on the borders of France and Germany. Basel is a charming town and very popular, especially if you plan to visit all three countries during your stay. Tourists can easily travel by train to the historic towns of Colmar, France and Freibug, Germany from Basel. 

Basel, like most Swiss cities, has a beautiful historic district, and Basel Minster sits at the center of it all. Its remarkable architecture and Gothic masonry date back to the 12th century and guests can see the bustling Rhine River from its windows. Touring Basel by way of the Rhine is another fantastic experience and visitors can catch the ferry at four different docking points throughout the city. Alternatively, you could rent a wielding paddle boat and venture out on your own.

Basel also has great cultural experiences like museums you won’t find anywhere else in the country. The famous Paper Mill, dedicated to the history of writing and printing, is located in the St. Alban neighborhood which is known as the “Venice of Basel”. Artwork museums are also in abundance, with the most renowned being the Kunstmuseum displaying pieces from the 14th to 20th centuries.

Relax in Zernez 

The month of June in Zernez, Switzerland.

Zernez is a relatively new municipality in the Graubunden canton of Switzerland, though the village has existed for centuries. The picturesque town of Zernez serves as the entrance point to Swiss National Park and is a great option for accommodations when hiking through the park. It also doubles as an ideal jumping off point for tours from Austria through Switzerland and into Italy.

The National Park Center is located inside Zernez and gives you a quick rundown of the kinds of things you’ll see in the Spring and Summer months. June is also a great time to hop in the family baths and pools in Zernez, or a quick jaunt to neighboring Engadine for more historic beauty. Overall, Zernez provides a more laid back vacation for those who want a slower pace for their Swiss holiday. 

Hike Swiss National Park

Hiking Swiss National Park in June.

The Swiss National Park is Switzerland’s largest nature preserve featuring a beautifully green and wild mountainside. Alpine animals abound inside the park, wildflowers bloom and warm weather sweeps the preserve through the month of June. 

There are a total of 21 walking trails for families to explore the park at their own pace. These range from easy and short to long and difficult, so a quick look at the trail descriptions can help determine which is best for you. In addition to the hiking paths and the natural photo ops, the park also has outdoor sports facilities, mini-golf course and a wellness treatment spa for relaxation.

Visit Appenzell Village

Appenzell Village in June. Switzerland.
Sallaso / Shutterstock

The Appenzell region is famous for its farmland and amazing cheeses. The rural area is home to thousands of cows and the beautifully painted historic streets and buildings make this region worth the drive, especially in the Summertime. With the Alpstein mountain range in the background, Appenzell is one of the most quiet and tranquil Swiss towns you could possibly visit. After touring the town, we recommend you make the trek to Bergasthaus Ascher restaurant on the mountainside which is only open in the Summer months.

Hiking through the forests and mountain areas of Appenzell is accompanied by peaceful winds and tinkling sounds of bells from the cows and goats grazing on the hills. Appenzeller cheese can be purchased directly from the local farmers, who also facilitate small festivities and parties throughout the Summer. 

Bike Lauterbrunnen 72 Waterfalls Valley

Lauterbrunnen 72 Waterfalls Valley in June.
JaviJ / Shutterstock

Lauterbrunnen is well-known for one thing: an absurd amount of cascading waterfalls thundering down the Bernese Alps. While the town is a huge draw for hikers who want to explore the region, it’s also a cyclists haven. Travelers are invited to go it alone, but we recommend booking a three or six hour e-bike tour to properly take in the scenery of the 72 waterfalls valley.

Lauterbrunnen – the town that inspired the Misty Mountains of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit – is worthy of a Thomas Kinkade painting. Guests are entranced by the sheer number of hiking and biking trails along the valley and mountainside, and enchanted by the peaceful atmosphere. The village is small and quiet and most ideal for visitors who want a relaxing vacation.

Explore Grindelwald

Gondola in Grindelwald, Switzerland in June.
RogerMechan / Shutterstock

The storied town of Grindelwald is one of the most idyllic places for a Swiss getaway. It’s located in the Bernese mountains and one of the only Jungfrau regional villages that is accessible by car. This makes it a popular place to go for tourists looking to see Jungraujoch and explore all the hiking trails through this mountainous area of Switzerland. 

Green rolling hills, steep peaks and quaint villages are all part of the appeal at Grindelwald, especially in June. Grindelwald Glacier is a beautifully cool destination to see in June, and visitors love taking part in the Summer toboggan runs. While hiking is most recommended in this area, we also suggest strolling along the city streets. Here, every hotel and rental has a room with a view, so it’s hard to go wrong with selecting accommodations.

Visit Interlaken

Interlaken, Switzerland in June
Sallaso / Shutterstock

Interlaken is a popular Swiss getaway that offers hikes through the Alps and tantalizing chocolates from local craftsmen. June is the perfect month to experience both and much more. One of the most intriguing attractions in Interlaken is the St Beatus Caves where water flows from the inside of the mountain into thunderous waterfalls toward the countryside.

Other fun things to do include white water rafting down the Lutschine River, or hiking up to Harder Kulm and exploring the Harder Alpine Wildlife Park which overlooks Interlaken’s valley. And as far as chocolate tastings goes, guests can sample selections and learn how the chocolate is made as places like Funky Chocolate Club, among others inside the town.

Paraglide the Swiss Alps   

Paragliding in the Swiss Alps in June.
yingko / Shutterstock

Interlaken happens to be a great place to achieve a thrilling paragliding excursion in the Alps. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding villages and rolling hills as you take to the skies on an expert guided journey. Tandem paragliding is the only way to accomplish this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

If you require more varied terrain, try paragliding through Lauterbrunnen where you’ll witness many of the 72 waterfalls misting the valley as they dominate the landscape. Zermatt also has some of the most unique paragliding experiences, which give you three different options for getting up close and personal with the famous Matterhorn peak.

See Rhine Falls 

Rhine Falls, Switzerland in June.
Dmitrii Dektiarev / Shutterstock

The Rhine River is such a remarkable natural attraction that it brings in millions of visitors each year – and June is one of the busiest months of the year. However, this is the time when you’ll see the Rhine Falls at it’s best, since the snow melt has ended and the thundering waterfall is at it’s strongest. Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe and the cool part is that you have several options for viewing it. 

Visitors will have the most immersive experience by taking a boat cruise which puts you right to the base of the falls. Other great lookout points include the bridge walkway and viewing platforms that are built right over the falls. You can get here by vehicle if you park on either side of the river or opt to arrive by train. Train passengers can walk to the viewing area right from the Rhine Falls Train Station.

Play at Mount Pilatus 

Mount Pilatus, Switzerland in June.
karamysh / Shutterstock

Mount Pilatus overlooks Lake Lucerne and is a great destination to take the whole family on an easy sightseeing trip or hike. Here you’ll find incredible views of the lake and the mountains. At this point in the year, you’ll probably be competing with droves of visitors traveling from Zurich and Lucerne. However, the views are stunning enough to justify a full day at this site.

We suggest traveling here from Lucerne on the Golden Round Trip, which provides the ultimate experience when visiting Mount Pilatus. You’ll start by taking a bus through the country to Kriens, journey by cable car up to Pilatus and take in the stunning view from the Pilatus-Kulm platform. You’ll return by taking the cogwheel train from Pilatus to Alpnachstad and complete the journey by boat to Lucerne. This full day excursion is one of the best ways to take in the full sights of Lake Lucerne.

Tour the Rhone Glacier

Switzerland's Rhone Glacier in June.
Uwe Mueller / Shutterstock

The magnificent Rhone Glacier is a contributing source to both the Rhone River and to Lake Geneva. This impressive landmark is located high above the popular ski village of Andermatt and welcomes visitors all year round. It’s most impressive in the Summer when you least expect to see ice and snow, and provides a welcoming cool down from the warm weather. 

June is opening season for the freshly formed Ice Grotto, which is redrilled each year for tourists to walk through. The brilliant blue hues in the ice are starkly contrasted to the grayish tones of the mountain. There’s also an outdoor viewing platform that overlooks the exterior of the glacier and the lake below.

Visit Lausanne 

The Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Keitma / Shutterstock

Lausanne is one of the less busy towns on the shores of Lake Geneva and serves as the International Olympic Committee headquarters. In town you’ll find the Olympic Museum, among many other museums and art collections, along with the famous Notre Dame of Switzerland: Cathedrale de Lausanne, the pinnacle of the city’s old town. 

Boat cruises on Lake Geneva are always trending in June, allowing you to see the full expanse of the city from the water, while a visit to Sauvabelin Tower will give you panoramic views of Lausanne from above. Taking a walk down Le Port d’Ouchy is a relaxing way to enjoy the Summer breeze, plus you can take in the sights of the surrounding historical buildings.

Tour Chateau de Chillon

Chateau de Chillon castle in June.
pedphoto36pm / Shutterstock

Chateau de Chillon is a great place to live out your European fairytale. It’s situated on Lake Geneva with the stunning French Alps as its background. The Gothic romanticism of it’s halls and walls have inspired poets and writers for centuries, it’s likely also to draw you into its charm in one visit. 

After reveling in this gorgeous structure, a quick stroll through the promenade and small bite from Cafe Byron will complete the journey. June is one of the last months to visit Chillon Castle before waves of tourists storm its gates, though the end of June can also be this way. Montreux is the closest city by boat, but you can also access the castle with tours leaving from Geneva and other lakefront cities.

Walk through Stein am Rhein

The Swiss town of Stein am Rhein in June.
Kinnaree / Shutterstock

Stein am Rhein is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland, found in the Schaffhausen canton. While many of Switzerland’s towns have well-preserved architecture and city squares dating back to the Medieval time period, none matches the preservation of Stein am Rhein. As a matter of fact, it’s got the most national heritage sites in all Switzerland.

The beauty of this little town is truly remarkable and showcases delicately painted buildings, original wood and stonework, and many historical religious sanctuaries. The top attractions of the town include the Rathausplatz city hall’s intricate murals, Hohenklingen Castle and St. George’s Abbey dating back to 1000 A.D. Many tourists make day trips here from Zurich, so sightseeing will be busy in June, but significantly less busy in the early morning and late evening.

June Events in Switzerland

Fete de la Musique / Petr Pohudka / Shutterstock


Tellspiele is a Summer event that takes place in Interlaken. This open-air theatrical play is performed by dozens of amature actors who put on an interactive show each day. They dress in medieval garb and humor the audience, sometimes involving the spectators in their charade. The play is created to teach the audience something new about themselves in a constructive way.

Fete de la Musique

Lausanne is the home of this celebratory music fest each year, in partnership with other cities around Switzerland. It invites amateurs and professionals alike to perform in several venues for a free public concert, held each year on Summer Solstice. All genres of music can be heard at this family-friendly event and performers can be found all over the city.

St. Gallen Festspiele

Held at the Abbey of St. Gallen is an opera festival that wows audiences every year at the end of June. Much work goes into setting up the colossal stage at the foot of the abbey, transforming it into a beautiful piece of art. While opera is the main attraction, other performances involving dance, organs and musicals are put on throughout the event. 


Whether you choose to stick to one city or travel around the entire country, Switzerland has no shortage of great activities for you to enjoy on a trip in June. This month is a great time for avoiding the bulk of the Summer crowds while also experiencing the first days of warm weather activity in both the mountains and valleys.

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